World-Class Shellfish

The finest lobsters and snow crab in the world come from the cold coastal waters off our Island.  Here is the destination in every seafood lover’s “DON’T MISS” list.


The two main seasons for this PEI staple run May through June and August until October – although the popular delicacy can be found year-round at most restaurants. Celebrate one of the oldest industries on the island by enjoying a savoury lobster supper offered at many restaurants and community events.


Rich and delicious, PEI mussels are often found on menus around the world. The naturally nutrient-rich environment and clear water around the island produce outstanding, grit-free mussels with exceptionally tender meat.


A huge variety of fresh and saltwater species are caught on and around the island. Tuna weighing more than 1,000 pounds have been pulled out of North Lake on the eastern part of the island and mackerel are abundant off the shores. And of course, Atlantic salmon can be angled in five principal streams alongside trout, perch, smelt and eels.


The wild-grown shellfish of Malpeque Bay is continually judged as one of the finest in the world for flavour and clean taste, with the “choice” grade having enough flavour and texture to be served whole on the half shell. An excellent opportunity to tong some oysters for yourself is Oysters a la Hardy, out in Malpeque Bay. Greeted as if family, you’ll soon find your family eating oysters straight from the shell!


It just isn’t a day on the island without an afternoon of digging clams followed by an old-fashioned clambake on the shore. Ask a local for the best spots, then grab your spade and start shoveling sand to uncover the tastiest soft-shelled, razor, bar and quahog clams you’ve ever eaten. Better yet, have an Islander show you how it’s done!

Seafood Restaurant Recommendation

Water Prince Corner Shop

 141 Water St, Charlottetown

Lobster on the Wharf
2 Prince St, Charlottetown


136 Richmond St, Charlottetown

The Dunes Studio Gallery & Coffee
Address: 3622 Brackley Point Road Route #15

Clam Diggers Restaurant and Beach House

6864 Water St, Cardigan

The Pearl Eatery
7792 Cavendish Rd, Resort Mun. Stan. B- Hope R.- Bayv-Cavend. N.Rust