Basin Head Provincial Park

This beach and provincial park on Points East Coastal Drive is an action-packed spot. Visitors delight in scuffing their feet along the sands to try and create a distinct “singing” noise, and the squeaky beach is nicknamed Singing Sands. The squeak is caused by the high amount of silica and quartz in the fine sand.

In the summer, PEI Wildlife Federation offers interpretive Beyond the Beach experiences that allow you to explore the usually unseen part of Basin Head’s Marine Protected Area and the sand dunes and aquatic life of the lagoon. Also in the provincial park, Basin Head Fisheries Museum presents exhibits about Prince Edward Island’s inshore fishery.

There are lots of things to do while at Basin Head beach in Eastern PEI. You can go swimming in some of the warmest waters around, play in the surf or just bask in the sun. One of the more popular things to do at Basin Head is to jump into the run off the wharf or the bridge.

Kids and families have so much fun doing this and can guarantee that you will create memories for years to come. Basin Head beach is one of the most popular beaches in all of Canada and one of the more picturesque.

Red Point Provincial Park

With its beautiful beach and supervised swimming, Red Point campground is very popular with families. There are often organized activities for children and special events for the whole family.

Red Point is located approximately 10 minutes from Souris where you’ll find gas, food, restaurants, a hospital, hotels, exercise facilities, a liquor store, souvenir shops, a tourist information centre and the terminal for the Magdalen Island ferry service. Red Point is also the closest campground to the Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival grounds.

Nearby attractions include the Basin Head Fisheries Museum, East Point, where you can watch the meeting of the tides and visit the East Point Lighthouse.