Prince Edward Island is rich, producing a bounty of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. The cold coastal water off our Island teem with fish, as well as lobster, oysters, and other shellfish. Ask almost anyone in the world where the best mussels come from, and they’ll tell you: Prince Edward Island. Our farmers and fishermen provide the ingredients and our award-winning chefs turn those fresh ingredients into culinary masterpieces.


Most people think of the potato as a flavourless side dish, good for holding butter and not much else. That is, until they taste a PEI potato. The humble crop has been cultivated on the island since the late 1700s by some 330 potato growers on family farms. The billion dollar industry provide one third of all potatoes across Canada and the red, iron-rich soil produces what may just be the perfect spud.


Some of the best tasting apples in Eastern Canada can be found in the orchards located in three areas (West Shore Malpeque Bay, Charlottetown Area and The Three Rivers Area) of Prince Edward Island conducive to growing apples.

There are many wonderful U-Pick apple orchards on Prince Edward Island. You’ll meet each grower and learn a bit about their orchard. Make sure to pack your camera, apple orchards are great photo backdrops and once you’re done, you can bake a pie with your harvest.


These delightful bursts of flavour grow wild on the island and harvesters of the berries are dedicated to protecting the resource and environment that produce a fruit far superior to those grown on southern farms. 


Take a tour through Cows Creamery to see how some of the best cheese in the world is made. Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar is bandage-wrapped in a traditional method and the wheels are aged in the Cheese Cave for at least one year before it’s ready to eat. Their Clothbound Cheddar wins awards yearly and is described as having a complex flavour with notes of toasted nuts and fruit.

The Appletree Smoked Cheddar is smoked for eight hours using apple wood to create a full, smoky flavour that compliments the full-bodied taste of the two-year-aged Extra Old Cheddar. Both the Extra Old and Appletree Smoked Cheddars have won their share of awards and all three styles travel well if you decide to take some home.

Let’s not forget about Chef McGourt’s gouda cheese either! Available in 15 varieties, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of this PEI gouda. Pick some up while you’re there and order more online through their website after, but also make sure to try the pizza!


Satisfy that sweet tooth with fresh, handmade chocolates from Anne of Green Gables Chocolates, happily sold in several stores around the island. Tempt your taste buds with chocolate caramels, mint truffles, creams, ginger chocolate, almond bark or their newest indulgence – Cow Chips, which are delicious PEI potato chips drenched in creamy milk chocolate.

If you can’t manage to keep the box closed after you’ve left the store, they offer the option to ship to your house so you can enjoy the excellent chocolates when your trip is over.