Anne of Green Gables

As Juliet has done with Verona, the fictional Anne of Green Gables has so captured readers’ and viewers’ imaginations that she has imbued the setting for her story with a magic of its own.  Anne’s author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, lived in Cavendish, and it became the mythical Avonlea of Anne’s girlhood in her 1908 book that begins the series. 

The green-roofed farmhouse, Green Gables, and surrounding land belonged to Montgomery’s uncle and she visited often as a child. It is now a National Historic Site.

Also in Cavendish, you can tour the grounds of Montgomery’s childhood home, where there is a collection of her works for sale. With a somewhat theme park atmosphere, Avonlea Village is a cluster of eating places and shops in replica (and a few original) buildings based on the village described in the books. The gardens are quite beautiful.Today, millions of the book’s fans have made the trip to PEI and discovered the land that captivated Anne in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s stories.

 And for those who just can’t get enough of their favorite-headed girl, or the woman who created her, there are Anne-related attractions all over the Island. Many book fans will costume the girl Anne to the place where Anne used to go, experience the time back, return to the story of the last century talked.